Food supplements

At Zenement we seek to help people improve their health and wellbeing through a wide range of food supplements. We use new technologies to maintain an open and immediate dialogue with all our customers, allowing us to advise them throughout the whole purchasing process.


Natural cosmetics

The future of cosmetics is natural cosmetics. At Zenential we seek simplicity in our personal care routine. We are committed to using natural ingredients and our own formulas that make a physical change for our customers, as well as a global change for the planet’s environment.


Hair loss treatment

The Keraphyte product line consists of two products: a hair growth lotion and a hair loss prevention supplement, both containing innovative formulas to reactivate hair growth and reduce hair loss.


Ingredient against hair loss

Anagendil is a registered component formed from three active ingredients obtained from plant extracts: Capilia LongaPPF, Saw Palmetto and Ginger. Thanks to this combination of plant extracts, Anagendil® is a unique ingredient for its anti-hair loss, nourishing and strengthening properties.

A little help

Food supplements

The products from “A Little Help” consists of three products that work together to help you achieve the same goal: to lose weight in a healthy way.